Hey folks! I’m Neil and welcome to Spice Cauldron. This is a site I’ve wanted to create for a long time, and it is going to be aimed at several sets of people. If you find yourself pushed for time and end up eating unhealthy pre-made garbage instead of home-prepared food, then this site is for you. If you’re single and find that you chow your way through meals made-for-two because they are all you can buy in the stores, then this site is for you. If you like getting loads of friends around for an evening and just want to cook up a cauldron of comfort food for everyone to enjoy, guess what? This site’s for you too. And if you always thought of yourself as a culinary magician, and love mixing up potions, this site will cover a whole range of different spice mixtures which you can tinker with for yourself – if you don’t want the salt or the sugar you find in store-bought mixes, make your own here and tailor them to your own tastes.

It is usually a big problem trying to cater to so many different sets of people, but I invite you to rummage through my site and absorb what is useful, maybe learn a few tips, discover a recipe so delicious that you want to call it your own. My job is done if everyone who stops by finds just one tiny piece of magic to delight them and their friends – and yeah, feel free to spread the word and send friends here hopefully to grab a food potion they’ll love too.

About The Author

My story started as a kid who despised strong flavors. Even delicious and uber healthy ingredients like garlic were labelled as “the Devil’s Veg”. Something to exude simply to annoy others in the vicinity. Going to uni aged 18 soon turned me towards fast foods as I was a seriously lousy cook. And since good old English fish ‘n’ chips couldn’t sustain me permanently without sending me out of my mind – and believe me, I gave that a really good go, really – I was inevitably forced towards Chinese food. (I felt Chinese was possibly a less garlicky option compared with Indian during my teen years.)

Immediately, I found that I drooled over the deliciousness of the various delicacies discovered in Chinese takeaways, and this started me on my journey of self-taught home-cookery. My whole uni career (which spanned 12 years and four universities) was based on the learning and teaching of chemistry, so I was used to experimenting. Doing stuff in the kitchen just meant I got to eat what I made – and not die! (Though in the early years of my culinary experimentation, I often prayed for death simply to escape unholy flavor combos!)

And the only thing worse than unholy flavors is no flavor at all. My first garlickless abomination of an attempt at cooking Chinese was the infamous “noodles with beansprouts” – a simple recipe, this was, well, noodles with beansprouts. Nothing else. The flavor was shivering outside with its nose pressed up against the window looking in, while I gulped my way through a meal less tasty than damp cardboard. Ugh!

Thankfully, I moved on to learn to make heavenly spiced flavor combinations evocative of many of the cuisines of the world, notably Chinese and Indian – I’m a curry addict! But I also love experimenting with the spices that distinguish a Thai curry from one born in the West Indies; as well as making some serious hot, hot chili recipes (with and without the Homer Simpson insanity peppers) and like making spicy hot wings with Cajun spice mixes. You name it, if it’s spiced up, I’ll probably try it out and love it. And with a bit of luck, I’ll inspire you to go out and mix your own signature combo – something that can become your own special recipe, for family or friends or just something to slob out with at the weekend after a tough week.

Right then, folks. Enough about “About” – let’s get cooking!